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The area is below the Acropolis and more or less between Monastiraki and Syntagma. Many of Athens’ older buildings dating back two or so centuries, narrow and largely pedestrianised streets lined with cafes, restaurants, tavernas, gift shops (some with original gift items!) As fresh and oasis-like a feeling, especially early on a sunny morning, as you can get to a city, especially the normally noisy and buzzing Athens. It’s enjoyable to walk, discover small exhibits on the way through and small museums such as the Museum of Children’s Art The Museum of Greek Folk Art, Museum of Musical Instruments. At night it comes alive, with many socializing over an evening coffee Frappe and then eventually, numerous shared plates of food at its tavernas, and Acropolis-hillside-clinging restaurants. Though this is a tourist magnet, it contains some desirable homes and many lived and work here; a few of the oldest homes still remind of an era void of creature comforts. The area of Gazi got its name from the fact that the original Gasworks of Athens was located there. Gazi area became very popular the last 8 years to the locals, it is full of restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs and live Greek music. Gazi is easily accessible by means of the Kerameikos Metro Station – which is found directly in the main square. It is located about 1 km away from the center of the city in the south-west direction.


monastirakiFrom the electric train station of this name, heading west in the area that skirts the park around the Thission and Ancient Agora, at the end of the shopping street Ermou. There is the flea market where items ranging from off-brand winter jackets to army knives, vie with old telephone cards (especially along Adrianou – which also has several rather romantic cafes and restaurants – on Sunday mornings). Many gift shops and most notably antique, junk and collectors corners of every sort. This is touristy, but it’s mixed in with the sort of old shops, that are gems and one of a kind. By the way, walk just down from the station away from the flea market to Kirikou street and you’ll find the busiest and most popular after-work Gyros places – if a Gyros is good anywhere, it is here!

Gazi area

The area of Gazi got its name from the fact that the original gasworks of Athens was located there. Gazi area became very popular the last 8 years to the locals, it is full of restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs and live music. It is easily accessible by means of the Kerameikos metro station which is found directly in the mean square.


lucabettusBit of a steep walk uphill to the viewing area and church of Agios Georgios, rewarded by excellent views. The Lykavittos theatre is actively used for performances. There is a restaurant ( and a cafe at the top. You can take the funicular to the top, or grab a taxi if the climb (on a hot day?) is just too much. On the way to Lykavittos, at Dexameni (beyond Kolonaki square), there is a Summer Cinema – movies shown in the open air, worth a try if it’s a new experience for you.

National Garden

national gardenBehind and to the south of the Parliament building, bordered by Amalias Street, are these extensive gardens – housing the Zappeion Exhibition hall and providing semi-shaded walking, away from traffic, amongst trees and shrubs. Walk through the gardens to get to the Marble Stadium.

Kolonaki area

kolonakiTo the north of the Parliament buildings and the National Gardens, across the wide Vasilissis Sofias street (home to the Benaki Museum and many of the major national embassies), is the smart district of Kolonaki. Boutique clothing stores, pricier antiques, furs, jewelry, and kiosks which sell a better cigar and great selection of foreign press, magazines, and newspapers! This is where the pricier apartments are in the center of Athens unless you prefer Plaka or a “loft” in Psirri. The cafe on one side of Kolonaki Square, with a row of tables out on the pavement – would be a great source of gossip at lunchtime each day, one suspects.


psiriNorth of Monastiraki you’ll find old warehouse buildings, mid-age office and industrial buildings presenting a new face. This is the area of intriguing restaurants in novel settings with original interior and exterior design, benefiting from the character and nature of the original use of these industrial buildings. Art galleries and artists’ workshops and studios, neighbor Experimental Theatres, and cafe/bars. Find what you like here by wandering around during the day and return for the prize pickings (the places you choose to dine in and have a drink at) later that night.

Marina Flisvou

marina flisvouMarina Flisvou is located in an area called Faliron, it’s one of the biggest in Greece. During the preparation of the Olympics 2004, the marina was fully renovated. Today marina Flisvos became a new hot spot for the Athenians, where somebody can enjoy a coffee or a drink. The area is only for pedestrians and there is a fun park for kids, you can also admire a copy of an ancient battleship, a symbol of the power of Athens. Next to Marina is the park of Flisvos, the largest playground in Athens.


mikrolimanoMikrolimano is the second largest Yacht marina of the big port with lots of fish restaurants and only 15 minutes walk to the Stadium of Peace and Friendship in Faliro. The port was protected by the goddess Mounihia Artemis that’s why sometimes it is referred as a port of Munihia. Its old name from the times of the Ottoman occupation was Tourkolimano. Today Mikrolimano it is a popular location, attracting people from all over Attica. It is a beautiful little harbor with fishing boats, small boats, and luxury yachts. If you like fish and seafood have lunch or dinner at one of its famous taverns. many Greek films have used this location because of its idyllic atmosphere.


  •   Athens,16 Pireos Str.

  •    Mobile: +30 6987752647

  •    Mail:

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