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Nonprescription Cytotec - Cytotec Online No Prescriptions Required From The Us

Athens is a city that never sleeps, although with crisis lots of clubs were closed, new small bars were opened especially in the areas around Syntagma-Psirri and Gazi. In Athens, you can find hundreds of bars, restaurants, and clubs. In the summertime, most of the locals are heading to the seaside for fun. Exarcheia area is mostly for those who search for something different.

Nonprescription Cytotec - Cytotec Online No Prescriptions Required From The Us

akrotiri club

The all-time classic “Akrotiri” is the most exciting and popular club-restaurant right along the seaside and it expects you soon. Even the most rigorous visitor will be seduced by the unexpected luxury that disarms you right from the beginning and provides you with memorable nights. A  sea-view terrace with lots of minimalist white and flickering candlelit lamps ­– is inspired by the Cyclades. The restaurant serves creative Mediterranean cuisine plus sushi, and there’s a lounge area with finely carved Indian furniture and scatter cushions. Music ranges from ambient and oriental ethnic to mainstream, and regular guests include Greek celebrities and sports personalities. You can get there easily by tram from Syntagma square.

Address: Vasileos Georgiou B5, Ag.Kosmas beach, Alimos.

Tel. (+30)2109859147

Akanthus Club

One of the best clubs of Athens,Akanthus combines the Club with the Restaurant exceptionally, at a venue that is completely re-decorated.Unforgettable parties, heavy beats, delectable dishes along with the rhythm and the “animal spirit” are conducive to the most pleasant environment.Very close from the center and next to the sea,you can get there easily by tram.

Address:Poseidonos Av. Alimos.

Tel.(+30)210 9680 800



During summer, most of the big clubs move out to the beach – names to look out for include Balux in Glyfada.

Address:Posidonos 58 Av. Glyfada

Tel.(+30)210 894 1620



Island in Varkiza is another club by the beach to look out for in summer. In this club, you really feel like being on an island!! Jetsetters and visiting celebrities always include it on their schedule. International cuisine with a great sushi bar offers high-quality dining complemented by selected wines. You can reach there by taxi from Voula or Glyfada area.

Address:27 Km, Athens-Sounion Av.Varkiza.

Tel.(+30)210 9653653

Brettos Bar

Best known for its lovely interior, with shelves of beautiful coloured bottles lit from behind,creating a warm glow, cosy Brettos family has been making liqueurs in more than 30 flavours.Bar is located in the heart of Plaka area.

Address:Kidathineon 41, Plaka

Tel.(+30)210 3231110.

Galaxy Bar

Enjoy stunning views of the ancient Acropolis under a spectacular canopy of stars at the rooftop Galaxy Restaurant & Bar. Chic and contemporary, Galaxy is a favorite hang-out among celebrities and guests at the Hilton Athens hotel. Early evening brings a cool, eclectic clientele, who sip cocktails and boutique-brand drinks while listening to his music and enjoying the incredible views from the open-air terrace.

Discover a unique dining experience where authentic Mediterranean cuisine is fused with an international flair. Enjoy premium meat cuts, savor a wide variety of sushi and taste delicious seasonal salads in an unbeatable environment overlooking the city of Athens.

In February 2015, Galaxy bar was ranked as one of World’s 10 Best Rooftop Bars by Premier Traveler magazine

Address:46, Vassilisis Sofias Av.

Tel.(+30)210 7281402

Boom Boom

disco boom boom

For those who like the unforgetable music of 60’s -70’s and 80’s,discotheque Boom Boom will travel you back to time.

Address:Thiseos&Posidonos Avenue,Kallithea

Tel.(+30)210 94 14 925

Club Noiz

noiz club

The club is one place that promotes an all-girl gathering like no other, and all this to provide sheer fun. With bold interiors, bright lighting and loud music, the club simply seems welcoming to a night defined by revelry. The drinks at the bar are subtle and belong to a premier set of spirits. When in Noiz, just let the mood float you to a den of convivial 41 Address: Evmolpidon Str.Gazi

Tel. (+30)210 342 4771


For rock music fans,this club is situated very close to Syntagma square.

Address:Skouleniou 2 Klafthmonos square, Athens

Tel.(+30)210 33 14 330

After Dark Club

after dark club

A place extremely popular for live rock music, After Dark is clearly for fans of this genre. Bands such as ‘Fish Out of Water’ and ‘Lost Bodies’ have performed here, and many upcoming artists are regularly invited to stage performances. The place might seem small compared to others, but the quality of music certainly makes up for the limitations. Shows kick-off around midnight.

Address:31 Didotou and Ippokratous Str Athens

Tel.(+30)210 360 6460

Stoa Athanaton


To hear authentic rembétika (blues are sung by immigrants from Asia Minor who came to Greece in the 1920s), try the Stoa Athanaton, an atmospheric venue in the arcade inside the Central Market. Sofokleous 19, Central Market

Tel.(+30) 210 321 4362.


  •   Athens,16 Pireos Str.

  •    Mobile: +30 6987752647

  •    Mail:

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