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Here you are in Athens, this sprawling, chaotic, enticing city, with its rough-hewn lively urban character, wondering where to head off shopping. Let us give you a few insiders’ tips… First of all, and take our word for it, you’ll need to keep shop opening hours in mind. Although opening hours are officially unregulated from Monday to Saturday (on Sundays all shops except pastry shops, wine and spirits shops, flower shops and emergency pharmacies, are closed), you’ll find that most businesses (with the exception of large department stores) adhere to the following opening hours: Mon, Wed, Sat: 09:00-15:00. Tue, Thu, Fri: 09:00-14:30 & 17:00-20:30.

ermou street

All shops close on National Holidays. Souvenir shops and convenience stores operating around tourist sites are generally open longer hours, usually 09:00-23:00 every day. Now that we’ve sorted when to shop, time to tackle the next ermou street question: where to shop. A visit to the charming Plaka district, apart from some rather kitsch souvenir shops, will also reward you with great traditional arts and crafts shops that are well worth a visit (we give you some ideas in our listings section). On the other hand, if it’s a more all-encompassing shopping experience you’re after, a good bet is to head to Ermou Street (starting from Syntagma Square and culminating in Monastiraki). This is a great shopping destination, as it’s completely pedestrianized and offers a very wide selection of mainstream consumer goodies: clothes, jewelry, shoes, cosmetics, gift shops (yes, you guessed it, Ermou Street is mainly a ladies’ shopping haven).

But the lower end of Ermou Street, towards the seedier Monastiraki area, is a different story. Oh, and as regards local colour, don’t miss out on a walk through the bristling Monastiraki Flea Market (great for collectors’ items, vintage records and other quirky items and memorabilia) and the colorful Athens’ Central Market (we recommend you purchase some local herbs here – there’s a very wide selection available at great prices). At the opposite end of the spectrum, Kolonaki caters to those after some sophisticated, upmarket chic (at the appropriate price, of course). Then again, if you’re the department-store type of shopper, you’ll have to choose between a few really impressive department stores. (See our list).

Sales: Winter sales run during the period from middle to end- January up to mid-February (maximum five weeks’ duration). Summer sales run during the period from July up to the end of August at the latest. Local shopping culture: Greeks tend to be big spenders and great fans of branded items, generally sporting designer sunglasses and top of the range mobile phones as essential accessories, with a concurrent tendency to accumulate rather large credit card bills as well. In short, you’re in a true shopping-lovers’ city.

Can I Buy Cytotec Over The Counter In Uk, Cytotec Buying

Can I Buy Cytotec Over The Counter In Uk, Cytotec Buying

The Attica Department Store covers an area of 23.000 square meters in 8 levels, with more than 300 fashion stores and 800 brand names, a restaurant/cafeteria on the 6th floor and smaller coffee corners. The Attica Department Store is situated in City Link, which covers a total square building located between Panepistimiou – Voukourestiou – Stadiou – Amerikis Avenues, just 5 minutes from Syntagma Square and the Metro Stations of Syntagma, Panepistimiou, Omonoia Square and Monastiraki. The building complex, besides the department stores, hosts a large gym with spa facilities, the theatres “Pallas” and “Aliki”, cafeterias and a nightclub. The retail stores’ hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 10:00 to 21:00, Saturday 10:00 to 19:00.
Cytotec Online Store

The Mall Athens

the mall athensLocated on Marousi area next to Neratziotisa station, The Mall Athens offers 200 different options for shopping,there you can find inside all the kinds of entertainment. Brand name commercial chains, movie theater,coffee shops and restaurants. Operation Hours: Mon – Fri: 10:00 – 21:00, Sat: 09:00-20:00.
Misoprostol Generic No Prescription

Athens Heart

athens heartLocated close to the city center, Athens Heart stores 68 shops including entertainment, and food, brand names of shopping, restaurants, café, Fun Park, technology stores. Athens Heart offers it, visitors, a comfortable, pleasurable and safe shopping experience. Situated in 180 Pireos Av. Tavros Operation Hours: Monday through Friday, 10:00 to 21:00, Saturday 10 to 20.00.
Buy Mifepristone Cytotec

Golden Hall

golden hallAt the most popular avenue of Athens, Kifissias avenue in Maroussi, a unique location, Golden Hall, welcomes its visitors in an environment of high aesthetics and inaugurates a new period in their purchasing choices with a total surface of 41.000 sq.meters,this Mall is developed in 3 levels, hosting 131 national and international commercial fashion brands and elegant restaurants and cafes. Parking is extended in 2 levels with 1.400 parking lots, offering a comfortable and safe visit. Golden Hall: 131 Shops in 41.000 square meters â— Εlegant shopping and dining â— parking. Address:37 Kifisias Av.Marousi Operation Hours: Monday through Friday, 10.00 to 21.00, Saturday 10 to 20.00
Buy Cheap Cytotec Online

Factory Outlet

Operating under the “shop-in-a-shop” concept, the Factory Outlet at the Airport Retail Park hosts more than 400 famous brands of apparel, footwear, sportswear, and accessories at reduced prices. Address: Airport Retail Park Operation Hours: Monday-Friday: 10:00am – 21:00pm ,Saturday: 10:00am – 20:00pm. Address: Athens International Airport.
Cytotec Generic Sale

Athens Metro Mall

Located in Ag. Dimitrios area, Athens Metro Mall is the latest shopping center built in the city. Taking the Metro from Syntagma square, you can be there just in 15 minutes. With 5 levels dedicated to shopping and entertainment, Athens Metro Mall is the new consumer experience, whatever the occasion! Athens Metro Mall is ideally located right next to Ag. Dimitrios metro station on Vouliagmenis Avenue. This makes it the only shopping center with such great accessibility. The new shopping center offers 90 stores with major brands covering every need, 18 eateries, 5 cinema screens, a Super Market, a play area, a bank and of course 1200 parking spaces. One of Athens Metro Mall’s most characteristic aspects is its architectural design. Abundant light, water, and green features create the ideal location for relaxed shopping and entertainment, harmonized with the urban environment.Address: 276 Vouliagmenis Av.Operation Hours:09:00-21:00,Saturday: 09:00 – 20:00.
Cytotec Where Can I Buy

Hondos Center

Hondos Center is one of the oldest brand names in Greece. These are department stores where you can spend hours satisfying every need. In Hondos Center you can choose among many make-up products and perfumes, it is the strongest sales part. Also, there is a variety of choices for women, men and children’s clothing, jewelry and accessories, household products, etc. The centrally located shops are those in Ermou and Omonoia square. Address: 39,Ermou str. and 4 Omonoia square.Operation Hours:09:00-21:00,Saturday: 09:30-18:30.
Purchase Cytotec Online