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athens busesPublic transportation has improved rapidly after Olympics of 2004, especially with the operation of Metro Lines. Except Metro there is also a tram system, suburban train, and a large network of buses and trolleys. Buses and tram are an excellent way to move to the south coastal route and arrive at the beaches outside Athens. Tip: the updated site of OASA (Athens Urban Transport Organization. You will find there, all the information you may needed about routes, tickets and times regarding all means of public transport: metro, train, tram, buses, and trolleys. Information about traveling from Athens airport to the center or port (or wherever). Also on some bus stops there is a timetable which shows what time the bus will come.

Tram (Light rail system)

athens tram An excellent way to take the south coastal route and arrive at the beaches outside Athens. Helpful: the updated site of OASA (Athens Urban Transport Organization.You will find right there, all the information you may need about routes, tickets and times regarding all means of public transport:metro, train, tram, buses, trolleys. Information about traveling from Athens airport to the centre or port (or wherever). Also, a useful route search. You can even order a transport guide map that will be sent to your address!

Metro Athens



athens taxi You can choose to move by taxis which are not so expensive comparing with other European Capitals). A tip about taxis, The meter *must* be running when they start off (there is an immediate charge of 1.35 euro) and it should show a (tariff) “1”, except after midnight it shows double tariff “2”. This is compulsory and you should insist. If the meter is not running you can say only with the meter. Minimum fare is 5 euros. You can call a radio taxi if you wish at a 1.50 euros surcharge for immediate use, with an additional charge (2.50 euros) to make an appointment for a later time. Tipping is optional – usually round up the amount to be paid adding 1 – 2 euros (or about 10%). Athens Radio taxis: Athens 1:2109212800 Ikaros: Tel. 210-515 2800. Kosmos: Tel. 18300 (210-4205000 calling from outside Athens) Express: Tel. 210-994 3000


  •   Athens,16 Pireos Str.

  •    Mobile: +30 6987752647

  •    Mail:

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