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Sterea Ellada (Central Greece) is a central region of Greece, and one of the most mountainous. The climate is dry in the interior and temperate along the coasts. The slopes are forested with pine, beech and poplar trees. Running water and calm lakes interchange with uncounted coves and beaches. Hidden shores and picturesque islets bejewel the southwestern coasts. The varied landscapes of the region remain beautiful no matter the season.

Peloponesse (Peloponissos)

Peloponesse(Peloponissos) The southernmost geographic section of mainland Greece. Originally it was an island, but intense geological upheavals in the region united and separated it from the mainland twice. Later, a new retreat by the sea formed the Isthmus of Corinth. This land bridge was cut in the late 19th century to make the Corinth canal, making the Peloponnese an island yet again. The Peloponnese (Peloponisos) is a rugged land and in its interior is highlands. The climate is purely Mediterranean along the coasts, unlike the centre, which has a relatively continental climate. A mythical land whose every corner brings to mind some Greek myth, the Peloponnese is composed of images and music, the scents. of the sea, of the mountains, of grapes, olives, and citrus. The cities, towns, and spas of the region were important centres in antiquity, and remain so today.

Macedonia (Makedonia)

Macedonia (Makedonia) is Greece’s largest geographical region and occupies the northern part of the country. The climate is generally continental though coastal areas benefit from the moderating influence of the sea and can be said to have a Mediterranean climate. Macedonia includes large fertile plains, such as the plain of Thessaloniki, mineral rich, and areas, such as Chalkidiki, wooded mountains, lakes, wetlands, enchanting waterfalls, and forests of fir, pine, and beech trees. Slopes inhabited even today by endangered wild animals such as bears and wolves. Rushing rivers, caves, verdant plains, fertile valleys, distant lake shores, beautiful coasts, and large and small fishing villages.

Epirus (Ipiros)

Epirus (Ipiros), in the northwest corner of Greece, is mostly mountainous. It borders with Sterea Ellada to the southeast, with Macedonia to the northeast, with Albania to the northwest, and with the Ionian Sea and the Amvrakic Gulf to the southwest. Due to its alpine nature and the nearness of its western and southern parts to the sea, the climate of Epirus is continental in the interior and mild in the coastal areas. This part of Greece hosts dozens of large and small mountains, chief among them the Pindus range. The mountains give the impression that they are rising up out of the, sea, out of the Ionian. Forests, wild vegetation, lagoons, rivers, wet-lands, provide sanctuary to thousands of birds. Fabulous beaches and unforgettable verdant shores bathed in sunlight are washed by the emerald Ionian. Here, in Epirus, life flows as quietly as the rivers. Here life is filled with the songs of the migratory birds and the whispering of the leaves. Here the soul is resurrected in some picturesque village, some magical town.

Thessaly (Thessalia)

Thessaly (Thessalia) is the geographical department that occupies the central section of mainland Greece. It is surrounded by high mountain ranges encircling a low plain. It borders Macedonia to the north, Sterea Ellada to the south, Epirus to the west, and its eastern shoreline is on the Aegean. It has a higher percentage of flatland than any other district in Greece. The climate is continental; the winters are cold and the summers hot and the temperature differential between the two seasons is large. One of the characteristics of the climate of the plain of Thessaly is the frequent summer rainstorms. These frequent rains amplify the fertility of the plain, often called the breadbasket of Greece. The entire plain is surrounded by the mountains Pindus, Othrys, Ossa, and Agrafa; among them flows the Pinios river which drains into the Aegean, after passing through the Thessalic Tempi. The district was the home of the ancient gods and of the Centaurs.

The Dodecanese

The Dodecanese are located south of Samos and Fournoi, east of the Cyclades, east of the coast of Asia Minor and north-east of Crete. It is an enchanted world where the sun paints pictures and the sea gives life. The mild winters and refreshing summers give the Dodecanese one of the healthiest climates in the Mediterranean. The islands of the Dodecanese are engaged in a beauty contest, with no clear winner.

Ionian Islands

To the west of Epirus, Sterea Ellada and the Peloponnese, lie the Ionian Islands, a unique set of jewels, ever favorite among Greeks and foreigners alike. These islands belongs to the Ionian Islands: Corfu (Kerkyra), Ithaki, Zakynthos (Zante), Kefallonia, Lefkada, Paxoi and Antipaxoi.


Cycladic islands (Kyklades) The island group in the central and southern Aegean. An imaginary circle centred on Dilos, washed by sunshine and breathing the sea breezeThe Cycladic islands contains the islands of Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Santorini, Ios, Syros, Amorgos, Kythnos,Serifos,Sifnos,Kimolos,Andros,Tinos,Milos,Folegandros,Dilos,Sikinos,Anafi. One of the most important Mediterranean civilizations was born here, the Cycladic. It is also probable that the lost continent Atlantis was around here. Calm crystal clear water, bright sky, sun, and austere architecture on naked rock, the Cyclades are filled with light and sunshine.The climate is dry and healthy, with mild winters and cool summers, thanks to the beneficial “meltemia”.


Crete (Kriti) is the largest Greek island. It is the border between the Aegean and the Libyan seas and between Europe and Africa. The climate is considered one of the mildest and healthiest in Europe. The island is very mountainous. Deep gorges split its huge mountains (Lefka Ori, Psiloritis, Dikti) leading to fertile valleys, creating a landscape full of surprises, which changes minute by minute, here bare and wild, there green and peaceful More than, 3,000 large and small caves, several of them with impressive stalactites and stalagmites honeycomb the mountains. Untrodden rocky coasts, vast sandy beaches and pebbled shores define the seaside. Dry-stone farm buildings, villages perching on high plateaus, monasteries, isolated castles and chapels dot the countryside. Villages, drowning in green, olive green, vine green, citrus green and vegetable green add living colour to the sometimes harsh views. Villages in which life’s traditional Cretan rhythms have not changed in centuries: coffee under the shade of old trees, traditional dances, sousta and pentozali to the sound of the Cretan lyre and the sweetness of Cretan wine. Old cities hide behind walls, their complicated narrow alleys winding past squares, churches and the ruins of palaces: The main cities-ports like the port-town of Chania, built on top of ancient Kydonia, picturesque Rethymno, noisy Irakleio, cosmopolitan Agios Nikolaos and beautiful Siteia, grew up on the north side of the island and only peaceful Ierapetra is on the shores the Libyan Sea, facing Africa. They are cities living the fast pace of modern life, developing day by day. Shops selling folk art, textiles, pottery, leather goods and department stores with luxury items spring up like mushrooms. Greengrocers bring the rich produce of the fertile valleys and greenhouses to the growing market places.

North Aegean Islands

North-eastern Aegean Islands Five large islands scattered about the north-eastern Aegean are Europe’s sea border with the East. Five large islands and dozens of smaller ones, precious stones woven into the deep blue silk of the Aegean, are a valuable inheritance with a long and rich history. Built on the ruins of the ancient city of the same name, Myrina, the capital of Limnos with the delightful houses of the seacaptains with their wooden balconies, with pebbled streets, and kind people. Picturesque villages dot the island.


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