In today’s world Greece can still be considered one of the safest countries as far as crime is concerned.Although the last 15 years thousands of emigrants came to Greece, violent crime is very rare and the rate of crime in Greece is considered among the lowest in the European Union. Travelers will not feel threatened traveling around the country. Particularly in the islands, villages and smaller cities, crime is almost unheard of. One can enjoy the hospitality of the local population and relax.

In large cities such as Athens or Thessaloniki some extra attention is advised mostly for pick-pockets and petty theft. Pick-pockets mostly work around the train stations and bus stops. Some advice for travelers, lock your valuables in the safes of the hotel, place your wallet, passport and other valuables in places that are hard for others to reach and enjoy your walking around the town even in the middle of the night.

Driving around Greece can be very challenging and the driver must be very careful. With exception of the highways, which are fairly safe, one must be very cautious when driving into the less traveled roads because of the condition of the road, the insufficient signs and the animals crossing the road.


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