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10.706, 290 (2011 estimation)

Electric current

The standard in Greece is 230V AC (50Hz). Appliances from North America require a transformer and British ones an adaptor.

Metric system

Greece’s metric system is in weights and measures. Examples : 1meter is a little more than a yard, 1 km is 5/8 of a mile.


Greek time is G ΜΤ +2 hours


The currency is euro.


Tap water is generally safe, but bottled water is readily available and better to drink.

Public holidays

1 January: New Year’s Day 6 January: Epiphany 15 February: Ash Monday 25 March: National Holiday 2 April: Good Friday 4 and 5 April: Easter 1 May: May Day 24 May: Whit Monday ( Holiday only for public sector) 15 August: Dormition (Assumption) of The Virgin 28 October: National Holiday 25 and 26 December: Christmas.

Emergency numbers

Police (Emergency number-free phone): 100 Tourist Police: 171 Fire Brigade: 199 Telephone numbers info: 11888 Ambulance Service: 166 Poisoning First Aid: 210 7793777 Pharmacies: 14944 Open Line for alcohol drug Addiction: 210 3617089 Emergency ambulance service: 166 On-duty hospitals, clinics, doctors & pharmacies: 1434 Regional Police Departments: 1033 SOS Doctors: 1016 (not provided under the National Health Service).


Meals Budget: 5-15 euro Mid-range: 15-30 euro Top-end: 30-100 euro.

Banking hours

Each bank has its own but if you do your banking in the mornings, all of them are certain to be open from Monday to Friday, 08:00-13:00.

Credit cards

All major Credit Cards as well as Euro-cheques are recognized and accepted in most hotels, shops, travel and car rental agencies and restaurants. Stickers in the front windows will advise you as to which cards are acceptable.

In case of lost or theft your credit card

Access 24 hour service Tel.: 210-9503673 American Express Mon-Fri.:08:30-16:00 Sat.: 08:30-13:30 Tel.: 2103244975-9 24 hour service Tel.: (00-441273) 526840 Citicard (Citibank) 24 hour service Tel.: 210-9290000 Diners 24 hour service Tel.: 210-9290200 Eurocard/Mastercard 24 hour service Tel.: 210-9503673 Visa International 24 hour service Tel.: 210-9503673.

Traveller's cheques

Issued by all the major companies are widely recognized. You can cash your traveler’s cheques in all Greek and foreign banks, exchange bureaus and big hotels, but do not forget to have your passport with you. Identification is necessary for the transaction. SHOPPING Greece is the ideal destination to shop for a wide variety of products, catering to everybody’s tastes and wishes. Prices are very reasonable in relation to product quality and visitors will be able to find something for every budget. Shops are open Monday through Friday from 09.00 till 14.30 and on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday also from 17.30 through 20.30. On Saturday shops open from 09.00 till 15.00, while they are closed on Sunday. Supermarkets and kiosks may stay open till 22.00. Shopping centers are open from 09.00 till 21.00.Sunday closed more specifically, in the centre of large urban areas as well as in tourist areas, tourist shops and kiosks are open from early in the morning till late at night, seven days a week.


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