Ancient Corinth tour

The Ancient Corinth tour starts as we drive along the National road and move southwest to Peloponnese. On our way, we pass by the Monastery of Daphne which was built in the 11th century AD, as well as the city of Elefsis where the famous mysteries of Elefsina took place and the small city of Megara.

Driving south we will pass the mountains where Thiseas killed the local thieves and Prokroust whose labors made him a famous and beloved person in the ancient Greek world. According to the mythology with these achievements, he actually paved the way for merchants and travelers.

Reaching the impressive Corinth Canal for a shortstop to take pictures, we will discover how importantDiolkos was for the Corinthians. A spectacular innovative idea of 8th century BC to build 2 ports, one in the Saronic Gulf and the other to the Corinthian Gulf. These ports were linked by a road, using cranes they used to pull the ships and take them to the other port, which was really time-saving.

Continuing our Ancient Corinth tour we will drive up to Acrocorinthos, the acropolis of Corinth. The view from the mountain is breathtaking. Acrocorinthos was an important fort till the 18th century and changed hands several times.

After visiting the archaeological site of Corinth where Apostle Paul preached for 1.5 years, we will see the temple of Apollo, the agora, the Bema where he prosecuted to a trial, temples of Roman times, shopping centers, Roman baths, and 2 theatres.

Inside the Museum you can admire statues of many Roman Emperors, friezes from the 12 labors of Hercules that used to decorate the theatre and many more interesting items. After lunch (optional) we will return back to Athens and take you to your hotel or cruise ship.

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