Argolis-Olympia tour


Starting our Argolis-Olympia tour from Athens our first stop will be at the Corinth Canal, a masterpiece of engineering, built by a Hungarian company in the 19th century.

After some breathtaking pictures we will continue the drive and we visit the Archaeological site of ancient Corinth to see the temple of Apollothe Bema where Apostle Paul was prosecuted, Roman temples, theatres, and the Museum in which you will be able to see statues of Julius Caesar, Nero, August, Sphinx, themes of 12 labors of Hercules, etc.

Then, we are heading to Mycenae which was the second civilization of Greece. You will admire the Lion’s Gate, the Cyclopean Walls, the Royal tombs and the treasury of Atreus which was believed to belong to Agamemnon as well as the Museum.

Continuing our Argolis-Olympia tour we will visit the picturesque city of Nauplion which was the first capital of liberated Greece. There you will have free time for strolling and lunch, as well as seeing monuments like Palamidi fortress and the fortified islet of Bourtzi.

After visiting Nauplion we will drive to Epidaurus, the biggest medical center of the ancient world which was the birthplace of Asclipeios, the semi-God of medicine. In the Archaeological site, you will see the exceptional ancient Theatre in acoustics worldwide, the Gymnasium, the Stadium as well as the restaurant and the remainings of Artemis temple. In the end, we will drive you back to Athens.

Then, we arrive at Olympia for overnight.


In the morning we will visit the birthplace of the Olympic Games that started in 776 BC in order to honor Zeus.

Inside the Museum you will see many spectacular masterpieces of Greek ancient World such as the Hermes statue of Praxiteles, the statue of Nikethe statue of Dionysus, the amazing friezes from the temples, the famous workshop of Phidias, the helmet of Miltiades who was the General of the battle of Marathon, etc.

After the museum visit, you will visit the Archaeological site where the Olympics took place every four years in order to honor Zeus. According to mythology, Zeus fought against his father Cronus and defeated him, after his win, obtaining the throne of Olympus.

The monuments that you will visit inside the area are the temple of Hera that was built at 600 BC, the temple of Zeus which housed one of seven miracles of the World, the 17 meters statue of Zeus made of gold and ivory by the sculptor-Phidias. Palestra, a school of wrestling and boxing, Gymnasium, a training facility for the athletes plus bathhouses, the Stadium that could house up to 60.000 spectators, Prytaneion where officials and winners could meet, and last but not least, the Philippeion, a memorial which contained statues of king Phillip and Alexander the Great.

You will have free time for lunch and shopping after we return back to Athens.

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