Argolis tour from Athens

Starting the Argolis tour from, Athens we will drive along the coastal highway southwest, passing by the ancient cities of Elefsina and Megara. Our first stop is at the impressive Corinth Canal which connects the Aegean Sea with the Ionian Sea, where you will have the chance to walk on the bridge and enjoy the breathtaking view.

Continuing the drive we visit the Archaeological site of ancient Corinth to see the temple of Apollo, the Bema where Apostle Paul was prosecuted, Roman temples, theatres, and the Museum in which you will see statues of Julius Caesar, Nero, August, Sphinx, themes of 12 labors of Hercules, etc. can be admired.

Later on, we will drive to Mycenae where according to mythology it was the kingdom of mighty Agamemnon and the second European civilization. We will see the Cyclopean Walls, the Lion’s Gate, the Royal tombs, the treasury of Atreus and the Museum with its unique artifacts from this great civilization. Hercules and Perseus myths, maps showing the established trade of Mycenaeans with England, Baltics, and Afghanistan. As well as the golden mask of Agamemnon founded on his tomb together with his personal belongings.

Continuing the Argolis tour from Athens we arrive at the picturesque city of Nauplion which was the first capital of liberated Greece between 1828 till 1833. Palamidi fortress crowns the city together with the fortified islet of Bourtzi. We will walk around the old city to explore its narrow lively streets full of shops, cafes, and taverns. All the buildings date back to the 17th-18th century AD. After admiring them and having lunch, we will drive towards to Epidaurus.

Epidaurus was the biggest medical center of the ancient World. It is believed that the semi-God of medicine, Asclepius was born there. In the Archaeological site, you will see the most unique ancient Theatre in acoustics worldwide, the Gymnasium, the Stadium as well as the restaurant and the remainings of Artemis temple. In the end, we will drive you back to Athens.

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