Delphi-Meteora tour


Combine 2 major attractions in 2 days with the Delphi-Meteora tour. Starting from Athens, we drive north,passing by the city of Levadia.On our way, we can visit the monastery of Osios Loukas.

Founded in about 1011 AD, the monastery of Osios Loukas is dedicated to a local Greek holy man who endured much suffering at the hands of the Moors and Saracens and finally made his home in this remote area of central Greece.

After 2 hours approximately we arrive at Arahova village, a popular winter ski destination. Arahova is a beautiful picturesque village, where the local produce colorful carpets and several food products. Arriving you will be able to visit Delphi, you will visit Tholos temple as well as and the Gymnasium where athletes were trained, the Castalia spring where every visitor had to drink water from first in ancient times.

Then you will see the temple of Apollo where Pythia was sitting on her tripod, the theatre, the Stadium where Pythian games took place, the treasury buildings of Athens, Siphnians, Naxians, etc.

Inside the museum, you will admire the Charioteer, the statue of 3 dancers, Antinoos statue, the golden mask of Apollo, the huge statue of a Sphinx from Naxos, the friezes that describe famous themes from mythology and much more.

After lunch and free time in the village of Delphi, we will continue our trip to Meteora. Arriving at Kastraki village we will overnight.


In the morning we will visit 2-3 monasteries.  From the 24 monasteries, only 6 are operating today, differently every day. These remarkable rocks that monasteries were built on were created 60 million years ago in the Tertiary period.

Continuing the Delphi-Meteora tour from Athens we will have lunch in Kastraki or Kalambaka. On our way back to Athens we will visit Thermopylae to see where the epic battle of 300 Spartans against the Persians took place. We will return to Athens late in the evening.

Meteora tour

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