Delphi tour from Athens

Visit one of the most popular Archaeological sites of Greece with our Delphi tour from Athens. According to mythology, Zeus let out 2 eagles in order to find the center of the earth. These eagles met each other at Delphi and he threw a rock to mark the omphalos of earth. Appolo who was born in Delos killed the Python that lived there.

Delphi became the most famous and important oracle of the ancient World which played a huge role for the Greeks as they took precious information were to establish colonies and many more other answers.

We will drive through Levadia to reach slopes of the mountain Parnassus, where is the picturesque Arachova village is famous for its bright multi-colored carpets and it’s a ski center(shortstop). Continuing our Delphi tour from Athens, we will arrive at Delphi. You will be able to see the unique Tholos temple as well as the Gymnasium where athletes were trained and the Castalia spring where every visitor had to drink water from first. You will then see the temple of Apollo where Pythia was seated on her tripod, the theatre, the Stadium where Pythian games took place, the treasury buildings of Athens, Siphnians, Naxians, etc.

Inside the museum, you will admire the Charioteer, the statue of 3 dancers, Antinoos statue, the golden mask of Apollo, the huge Sphinx of Naxos, the friezes that describe famous themes from mythology and much more. All (these were) offerings of Greek city-states to the oracle.

You can choose a restaurant for lunch(optional) in the village of Delphi, as well as free time for shopping. Driving back to Athens we can visit the Monastery of Osios Loukas. Founded in about 1011 AD, the monastery of Osios Loukas is dedicated to a local Greek holy man who endured much suffering at the hands of the Moors and Saracens and finally made his home in this remote area of central Greece. Built upon the foundations of an earlier religious structure dating back to 944 AD this octagonal Byzantine structure is a hallmark of medieval church design. It is in excellent condition and contains many well-preserved mosaics and paintings. The splendid mosaics and the architecture make this monastery one of the most important monuments of Middle Byzantine architecture and art.

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