Marathon tour from Athens

The half-day Marathon tour from Athens starts with a pick up from your hotel or ship. During our drive, you will see the classical route where thousands of participants run 26 miles every November month during the authentic Marathon run.

Arriving, our first stop is the Marathon tomb were 192 Athenian hoplites are buried. You will be informed about the details of this heroic victory of 10.000 Athenians plus 1000 Plataieis versus 500.00 Persians, according to Herodotus, the father of history.

Thanks to Miltiades’ strategy, the Athenians suffered only 192 soldiers casualties instead of 6.200 Persians. This battle is recognized by historicals as one of the most crucial, that kept Athens free to develop the basics of the Western World.

After the battle, Pheidippides runs to Athens to deliver the message of victory. Exhausted from the battle and run he says the word: “NENIKIMAMEN” which means we have won and then died. His sacrifice and passion are exactly what inspired the Marathon race.

Continuing our Marathon tour from Athens, you will visit the museum which has inside Egyptian statues of Osiris and Isis, a part from the memorial column that Athenians builded after the victory, the column was 10 meters tall and it was decorating the statue of goddess Nike. items from Neolithic time, as well as statues of senator Herod of Atticus and his wife Rigilla. Optionally, we can also visit the Marathon run museum.

Further on, we drive to the area of Vravrona to visit the temple of Artemis, who was the goddess of nature, hunt, and childbirth. The sanctuary contained a small temple of Artemis, a stone bridge, cave shrines, a sacred spring, and a pi-shaped (Π) stoa. Inside the museum, you can see statues of young children that were dedicated to the goddess, as well as items pertaining to feminine life such as jewelry boxes.

Finally, we drive back to your hotel.

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