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How can I find you at Athens International Airport?

AIRPORT MEETING INSTRUCTIONS: After your landing, just follow the EXIT signs and walk outside the main gate, where our driver/guide will be waiting for you holding a sign with your name on it. It can be that there will be many people waiting for their friends or relatives or even other transfer companies. Therefore, please do not go away from the main gate. Look carefully and you will see a person holding the sign with your name on it. If you lost your suite cases or for some reason your getting late (more than 45 minutes), please call the number bellow to inform us about it or ask the security at the exit gate to inform your driver for the delay.

How can I find you at the Piraeus port or cruise terminal?


  1. Cruise terminal: There are two cruise terminals on the port of Piraeus,called terminal A and terminal B. If your ship arrives at terminal A or terminal B, please disembark and walk outside the main gate, where our driver will be waiting for you holding a sign with your name on it. If your ship arrives at terminal B (also known as “Kanelos terminal”), and the main gate is closed, then and ONLY then you will need to take the shuttle bus to terminal A (5 minutes ride), where our driver will be waiting for you holding a sign with your name on it.
  2. Islands Passengers Terminal: Please disembark and walk outside the main gate, where I will be waiting for you holding a sign with your name on it.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTION: Please notice that we will do our best to be at your arrival date to welcome you in Athens .In case I will not be able to, a colleague of mine will do so and will help you for any issue (like me).
If you have any problems please call at +30 698 77 52 647
*If your aircraft or ship company makes an itinerary change or you loose your flight for any reason and you arrive into a scheduled flight or dogging on an alternate date, please do not assume that your trip has been canceled. Your reservation will be scheduled for the new date. Please send a new e-mail to reconfirm the new date or a SMS text message to the above cell phone on time.
Our times are in local time: If you have questions about your time in airport or port, please direct your questions to your plain or ship purser.

How can I meet you at our hotel?

We will meet in the lobby of your hotel the agreed time. If you are not in the lobby, I will ask the concierge or the receptionist to call you in your room. If they cannot find you in your room, the concierge or the receptionist of your hotel will be informed that I will be waiting for you outside the hotel front of my car.
In 4* and 5* Hotels like (Hilton, Intercontinental, Marriott etc.)usually they have an outside doorman), I will ask for you at the front doorman of the hotel who is standing outside the main gate. I will inform him where I will be waiting for you, in case you are not there.So please ask him.

What is the difference or Is there at all any difference between a tour guide and a driver guide?

As a tour driver, I can guide you until you enter the sights and tell you all the history that follows the monuments. We are not professional licensed tour guides so we cannot guide you inside to the archaeological sites and museums. Archaeological sites are very strict for using only licensed guides (By the law). If you want a licensed guide to tour the sites with you, you can hire one as they are at most of the sights available.

Can we share a tour?

You can send your mail with all details (date, persons) after that, we will inform you if other clients want to share with you their tour.

Our Prices

Our prices are not per person. Our prices are per vehicle.

How many luggages can we have with us?

On all tours, portage is limited to two normal-sized pieces per person. Total dimensions may not exceed 106 inches combined measurement (height + length + depth) and weight about 25 kg.

I have lost my luggage. Will Greece Athens Tours collect it for me later?

All airlines have handling agents. They will organize any luggage to be forwarded to your resort address.

I have left something in the vehicle. How do I get it back?

Please inform us. We will try immediately to return your items. A charge may be applicable.

Do you offer discounted rates for children or babies?

Greece Athens Tours charges the same rate for all occupied seats (it applies only to private tours).

Can I have a receipt?

Your email Transport Voucher is your receipt or you can have one upon service.

How long is the journey to the resort?

We can inform you on your voucher upon booking. These times may vary depending on the service booked, or at peak times or if road conditions are poor.

Can we stop off at the supermarket or to pick up property keys en route?

Only by prior arrangement with only if and us you are traveling by Private Transfer. Subject to availability, additional supplements may apply.

Is the transfer direct or do we stop en route?

Private Transfers are direct and door-to-door. Shared Transfers may be subject to brief stops to collect or drop-off other clients.

Are tours direct or do we stop en route?

Private Tours are direct and door-to-door.

What do we have to wear when we visit Churches and Monasteries?

Clothing: Entrance to Churches and Monasteries visited in our tours is allowed to gentlemen and ladies (skirt) with proper outfit.

When are the archeological site and museum open and how much is the entrance fee?

Fees & time table for the archeological sites and museums… Cytotec Online Store

I have already booked my transportation. Is there anything else I should do?

Absolutely nothing.You have received a conformation e-mail, and a Voucher. Print it and sign it, as our driver will request it.

How will I know that my reservation is confirmed?

When we will confirm your booking via e-mail, also you can receive a Voucher. All details of your reservation and meeting instructions are written in the voucher.

What if my plane, train or ship is delayed?

There is no reason to worry. No matter the delay, the driver will wait without an additional charge. We are constantly on-line with the airport, port.If you know that your flight will be delayed,please try to inform us.

What if I want to select a destination that is not listed on your website?

It simple, use ourMisoprostol Generic No Prescriptionform. We will contact you within 24hours with information regarding the cost and payment method.

There are five of more or us. Can we use one car?

Taxis can take up to 4 passengers, for 5 persons and more we use Van’s or Minibuses.

Can I make a reservation for a Taxi or a Minibus just for a few hours?

If this not included in our list, then please ”Contact Us” including details.

Will I be charged extra if I have a lot or bulky luggage?

Absolutely NOT. Our booking system will lead you to the vehicle is right for you.

Do you operate during taxi, or Minibuses strikes?

Unfortunately no. We have to follow instructions of the Associations. Our system will propose to you the type of vehicles are available and NOT on strike for that day.

I leave in a few hours, could I book a taxi or a minibus?

We can confirm reservations even up to 10 hours before your arrival to the out bound location. (Your departure point). For example if your flight lands 10:00, you could book your taxi even 2:00 the same day! So, go ahead!

Can Minibuses follow the exact itinerary of your tours?

All, tours are set for vehicles up to 4 seaters. As Athens and Greece is a very old country that minibuses cannot and is forbidden to drive through. There for you will reach some of the places by foot.

Can we customize our private tour?

Yes we can customize your private tour to your needs in the time period and itinerary you have booked.

Cytotec With No Prescription, Cytotec Available Canada

  •   Athens,16 Pireos Str.

  •    Mobile: +30 6987752647

  •    Mail:

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