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Order Cytotec Mastercard - Buy Cytotec India

Cytotec Online Store

Tour Duration

3 Hours

Misoprostol Generic No Prescription

Tour Availability


Buy Mifepristone Cytotec

Pick Up

Meeting point at Syntagma Square

Discover Athens hidden places with a licensed guide and stroll through history. Our licensed guide will describe you all historical background of this historical city. Our walking tour starts from Syntagma square, then we will move forward to Plaka, Monastiraki, walk one of biggest pedestrian streets of Europe to get up to Acropolis hill.

After Acropolis, we will continue to see the temple of Zeus, the Zappeion Park and finally the changing of the guards at the parliament. You will have the chance to see the Agora and the Roman Forum, Thisseion, the flea market and the beautiful narrow streets of Plaka. During the tour, we will stop for a quick coffee and snack.

Order Cytotec Mastercard - Buy Cytotec India

  • Acropolis
  • Plaka
  • Monastiraki
  • Temple of Zeus
  • Changing of the guards
  • Agora


Order Cytotec Mastercard - Buy Cytotec India


(Tour requires 3 people minimum)
Meeting point at Syntagma Square


Pick up from port 30 euros extra per vehicle