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Buy Cytotec At Walmart - How To Get Cytotec

Cytotec Online Store

Tour Duration

5 Hours

Misoprostol Generic No Prescription

Tour Availability


Buy Mifepristone Cytotec

Pick Up

Pick up from hotel

A fantastic evening at sea, with wine and Mediterranean bits & bites (tapas style)! Meet up with our luxury wooden boat Alexandros-Achilleas at 20:00 at the port of Alimos. A friendly welcome on board with a welcome drink and snacks offered by our multi-lingual crew will enhance your familiarization with the sailing yacht. Leaving the port we’ll sail smoothly towards the sparkling waters of the Athenian Riviera which is known for the impressive villas, the famous beach resorts, and the crystal-clear waters. When the sun decides to leave the Attica sky and dive in the water… the breathtaking sunset light is illuminated in the sea to create the perfect frame for your photo shooting.

During the sail you will get the opportunity to see a plethora of golden sand beaches, feel the sea breeze, see the famous “Long Walls of the Themistocles, various archeological marvels still standing on the coast, the replica of the ancient Athenian battleship in Faliro bay and finally drift along beautiful palm tree esplanades.

Once the sun has set, our staff will serve Greek traditional delicacies, seafood, salads, selected Greek wine labels and beers, fresh fruits and desserts to enjoy an on-board dinner while relaxing with the sounds of the saxophone or violin live music performance. You’ll eventually return back to the port of Alimos at around 00:30 with many photos and a feeling of happiness, to continue with your nightlife activities.

Don’t leave Athens without having experienced her unique and beautiful coastline!

Buy Cytotec At Walmart - How To Get Cytotec

  • 5-hours Sailing cruise (sunset)
  • Discover the enchanting Athens Riviera
  • Enjoy the sunset view that keeps captivating Greeks for thousands of years
  • Dinner with Greek traditional delicacies and seafood, offered with selected Greek wine labels or beer
  • During the entire trip: fruits, sweets, snacks, coffee, juices, soft drinks etc. are served
  • A unique way to spend an evening with a special person, friends and family
  • Romantic experience
  • Live Saxophone or Violin music performance
  • Friendly & professional sailing crew


  • 5 -hours Sailing with luxury traditional boat
  • Welcome on board drink: sparkling wine and fruits
     Buy Cheap Cytotec Online

    Welcome on board drink: sparkling wine and fruits

  • COLD WATER Buy Cheap Cytotec Online
  • Buy Cheap Cytotec Online

    Dinner tasting Greek traditional delicacies and seafood, selected Greek wine labels or beer

  • During the entire trip: fruits, sweets, coffee, juices, soft drinks etc. are served
  • DJ Music&Live saxophone or violin

Buy Cytotec At Walmart - How To Get Cytotec